Canada is best known for…Lens Bands

If you googled “What is Canada best known for?”  You will find wiki-answers response “Canada is best known for their maple syrup, the Canadian goose, the beaver, having the most freshwater in the world, multiculturalism, free health care, etc.   It is also known for its beautiful sites, rivers, mountain sides, scenery and tourist attractions. Canada has a very clean environment and a very strong economy, and it is also a peaceful country.  It is known also for setting the record for the most gold medals won in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.”   By the 2nd quarter of 2012, wiki-answers can now add Lens Band to their list of what Canada is best known for.  With EDMA Photo Marketing in place to provide 300+ Photo Retail Stores throughout Canada, a proven solution to “Stop Zoom Creep,” Canadians can simply drive over to their neighborhood camera store and pick up a Lens Band the same day and save on time/shipping.

If you are a resident of Canada or simply just visiting, please support your local camera store and be sure to pick up a few Lens Bands while you are there.   Here is a list of camera stores in your area.

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