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Lens Band Reviews

Lens Band Reviews

When zoom camera lenses creep – who do you call? Lensband!

Article by Klaus on May 6, 2012 at TechPatio.com in Photo Tips, Tricks & Techniques,Photography

Are you a DSLR shooter and do you own a super zoom lens? If you can answer yes to that double-question, then you’ve probably already heard about “lens creep”, or perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself, on your own lens(es), maybe even quite often.

If you answered “no” to the double-question, but you’re considering buying a super zoom lens, such as a 18-200mm, 18-250mm or 18-270mm (those are the most popular), you need to know about “lens creep”….(continue reading)



Lens Bands for SLR Camera Lenses

As an avid photographer and self-proclaimed camera junky I was disappointed to find out that your store doesn’t carry any LensBands. I recently purchased a Canon 18-200mm zoom lens from one of your stores in NYC. If you’ve ever used one of these you know that the main issue with most zoom lenses is that they have a tendancy to slide out on their own; causing the lenses to either disrupt your focus. Not to mention that it’s just plain annoying!!! That’s exactly what’s happening with mine!!

Best Buy is usually really good at carrying the necessary accessories. This is one of them! Lens Bands are the perfect solution and it helps that they are relatively inexpensive. I called a few times to find out if Best Buy carried it at any of their stores. When I wasn’t sure, I decided to just head on over.This is what I found out.

Down Side: Best Buy doesn’t carry Lens Bands

Up Side: The sales associate there was so helpful. He wanted me to be happy so he referred me to another local photography store in NYC ( __ & __ Photo Video in Midtown) . Needless to say, they had it in stock! So cheers to Best Buy for displaying true customer service. Most places would have just told me that they didn’t have it and then moved on. It’s the extra steps that SOME employees take that really make it a great place to shop. So, BEST BUY… get some LENS BANDS and you’ll be perfect! At least in my book… lol. Then I can have a one stop shopping experience and buy my lenses and accessories in one shot…(continue reading)


http://static.bhphoto.com/images/m_logo.gifeasy to apply, works very well

I am impressed by how such a simple device can work so well in holding the zoom lens from inadvertently extending… you simply push a portion of the band onto the extending section and it holds the tube solidly in place. the added friction is noticed when turning the zoom ring but still extends the tube with relative ease…(continue reading)



Most photographers eventually come across one of photography’s most irritating problems.

Lens creep, where by zoom lenses ‘grow in length’ of their own accord when pointed down. At best it’s annoying, at worst it can lead to damage when the photographer suddenly discovers his lens is 1/2 as long again as it was a minute ago.

Zoom creep can work the other way round, with the lens shrinking when pointed up, the result? Missed shots and more frustration.  Some manufacturers are kind enough to fit zoom locks to their products, but many don’t. Of course, some lenses are fine when new but develop a bit of creep as they age and the zoom mechanism wears a little. You can’t turn off gravity, but neither can you always hold your lens horizontal. So frustration sets in when lens creep occurs during normal use….(continue reading)



Lens Band Prevents Zoom Creep

Article by Jonathan Eger at Photo Weekly Online

If you have a zoom lens, you might have been a victim of “Zoom Creep” without even knowing it. Zoom Creep is loosely defined as the unintentional changing of focal length while shooting. Lens Band is a simple solution to this problem as the plastic band wraps securely around your zoom ring and the body of the lens, therefore stopping it from moving….(continue reading)




From PentaxForums.com

Discuss DA18-250mm zoom creep: a simple solution that works… The DA18-250mm is one of the best all-around zoom lens across all brands incl. Canikon, Oly and co. Manufactured by Tamron, the lens was sold as Tamron 18-250mm (K-mount) and Pentax DA18-250mm. Like all zoom lenses, the 18-250mm is a compromise across the range of …, located within Pentax SLR Cameras: Pentax DSLR Discussion. Topics: 18-250mm, camera, creep, da18-250mm, dslr….(continue reading)


Lens Band: A Livestrong Bracelet to Eliminate Zoom Creep

Article by Andrew Liszewski at Gizmodo.com

Because of their size and the heavy glass components inside, large lenses are subject to something known as ‘zoom creep’ where they have the tendency to extend or collapse under their own weight when pointed upwards or downwards. In some situations the problem can be easily solved by just holding the zoom ring, but other times you might need a specialized tool….(continue reading)



 Nikon 18-200 VR (mkI) lens creep

After many years of suffering lens creep with my 18-200 VR Mk1 and finding it getting slightly worse recently, I decided enough was enough and something had to be done.

I contacted Nikon, who politely said that it’s simply “the combination of optical design and the natural force of gravity“. I asked if there was anything that Nikon could recommend or attach as a fix. Nikon’s response was “unfortunatley there is no upgrade or attachment that can be recommended by Nikon.”  (continue reading)


Creep no more! The LensBand.

Though their website shows a very different way of using this theme park wristband repurposed – the LensBand anti zoom creep device – it just happens to fit many Sony zooms perfectly without stretching it into position to lock barrel to collar.

By fitting the LensBand exactly over the joint between the zoom ring and static lens barrel, you can create a much smoother damped zoom action and prevent the zoom from tromboning when carried, or creeping during long exposures when the camera is angled up or down. This issue is not tackled by stabilisation and very small amounts of zoom creep can affect exposures as short as 1/30th without your realising. You don’t get why the zoom appears to be not so sharp – that’s because you do not realise you, or gravity, have caused a tiny shift in focal length during the exposure….(continue reading)



 Re: Lens Band – how do you stop zoom creep? (Sigma 17-70)

Article by Ari Aikomus at dpreview.com

Hi, I really like my Sigma 17-70/2.8-4.5 lens with K-5, it’s sharp, its bokeh a surprisingly pleasant – all in one it’s very useful & versatile lens… Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR, 11.4 mm, ISO 800, 1/60 sec, f4.7, 0 EV, Nov 11, 2011 09:52:28




…but there is only one drawback which I really do not like – and it’s “Zoom creep”!

Yes – the tendency to extend under lense’s own weight when pointed downwards (or collapse when pointed upwards).

Then one day I found such a product from eBay – LENS BAND:

…And I decided to try it. It was really inexpensive accessory, just a few dollars….(continue reading)



Is it typical to experience zoom creep with the Canon EF 24-105mm F/4 L IS USM?

by http://photo.stackexchange.com

I noticed this more than once. Whenever I’m in the range from 24mm to somewhere between 35mm and 50mm, the lens starts moving if I’m fixing it vertically with its front element facing the ceiling or the floor, is this a problem with my own lens or it’s a general problem with this lens? (continue reading)




Mini Review – Lensbands – the cool photographer’s answer to zoom creep!

Article by Scott Nicol at http://www.snicolphotos.com

So here’s a neat little idea. Have you ever suffered from zoom lens performance problems whilst fully extended? Does your zoom tend to droop down a bit unless you keep hold of it in your hand? Did you ever want to wrap boring old rubber bands around it to maintain the zoom extension but were worried what your friends might think if they caught you doing it? Well here’s the answer to your prayers… introducing the Lensband! (continue reading)




Mini Review – Introducing…Flashbands!

So, you’re in a dark room, camera in hand, all ready for a bit of flashing and then shock, horror! – a stranger creeps up behind you and inappropriately touches your equipment!!!! What No, that’s never happened to you?  Well no, its never happened to me either but it could in theory and that thought is enough to keep me awake at night with worry. Well, I’m not quite so worried these days as I present to you.. the FLASH BAND! A new product from our friends over at Lensband.com. (continue reading)











Photography Tutorials & Reviews

Sudah beberapa bulan lensa 24-70mm f/2.8 saya karet zoomnya kendur, sehingga tidak nyaman pada saat digunakan. Saya tidak pernah mengalami hal ini di lensa-lensa lainnya. Seorang teman mengatakan, ini memang penyakit lensa 24-70mm, namun saya pikir ini bukan masalah cacat produksi bawaan pabrik, melainkan, karena lensa 24-70mm yang berat, ditambah apabila kita menggunakan body Nikon FX. Banyangkan, sebagai fotografer, kita sering sekali memegang kamera kita dengan satu tangan kiri. Dalam posisi ini, tentu saja tangan kiri kita akan mencengkeram lensa tepat di bagian karet zoom. Hal inilah yang menyebabkan kendurnya karet zoom lensa….(lanjutkan membaca)





What Fell Between the Cracks?

Article by 

Yes, finally there’s a solution for that dreaded “zoom creep.”  If you own a zoom lens you know what I’m talking about. Say, for example, you’re shooting a portrait  and  focus your 18-200 telephoto at an optimal  85…, then, momentarily, you tilt the lens down and–zap–it slips to 200. A royal pain…(continue reading)

LensBand Review

Article by Brady D Herbert

PictureIf you’ve ever experienced zoom creep with a lens, LENSband is an affordable, easy, and effective way to solve the problem.  I tested it on a Sigma 70-210mm f/3.5-4.5 APO FD BL lens I recently purchased from Ebay.  The push/pull zoom was a little loose and would move when the lens was pointed downward.  The LENSband i ordered from www.lensband.comcame quickly in the mail, and as soon as I put it on the lens the problem was solved.  The band creates just enough friction between the barrel of the lens and the zoom to keep it from creeping, yet still allows you to focus easily.  A very simple yet effective product.  I highly recommend it.








Problem Solved

Article by Walter Sanford

X-T1 | 55-200mm zoom lens (62mm filter size) | LENSband (Yellow)

Problem? What problem? I love my Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera body, but there’s one annoying problem with the two Fujifilm lenses I own: It’s easy to accidentally adjust the aperture ring when handholding the camera properly. For example, you think you’re shooting at f/11 but the setting changed to f/8 with the net result of not enough depth of field.

Like I said, an annoying problem, especially when there is no opportunity for a do-over. (Hey Fujifilm, are you listening? I’m not the only one complaining about this problem!)…(continue reading)









YouTube Videos

LENS BAND Objektivband – by enjoyyourcamera 

LensBand Demonstration on Sony Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 16-80mm F/3.5-4.5 T* by Markofnikoff

Lensband Review – Sigma 150-500mm by DownUnderVids


Testing lens band on Tamron 18-270mm PZD VC super zoom lens by Techpatio