The Lens Band is a unique solution to an age old problem. When using zoom lenses, especially extra long zooms, there is often a tendency for the lens barrel to “creep”, i.e. extend due to its own weight when pointed either upward or downward. The Lens Band presents a simple and unique solution to this issue. The strong silicone rubber band stretches over the zoom ring of your lens and holds it firmly in place.

In addition to preventing this kind of problem, it also aids when shooting with a tripod where slower shutter speeds may be required, such as in macro photography when operation of the zoom ring may not be required. For anyone who works out in the field and carries or hangs his camera over his shoulder, lens creep is a common problem that can cause undue stress on the both the lens and your back. The inexpensive Lens Band offers you a straightforward solution to this potentially nagging problem.

It’s easy to use. Stretch the Lens Band over your lens. Position it over the zoom ring when not in use. When ready to use it, slide half of it over the non-moving portion of the lens body. The pressure of the band will prevent the lens from slipping out of place. Just make sure the Band does not interfere with your focus ring.

As an added benefit to the Lens Band, it can also be used to remove filters that have become stuck. It works on manufacturer’s filters from 67mm to 110mm or 2.75″ (7.0 cm) to 4.5″ (11.4 cm) in diameter. With the firm grip it provides, filters can be loosened without any potential damage to either the filter or the front element of your lens.


Pick up a Glow in the Dark Green Lens Band and use it on all of your Prime and Zoom Lenses, to mark them when you are out shooting in dark locations where light is very limited or even non-existent.   Lens Band s come in 16 different colors which add personality to your camera.  Check out our store today.









Have you ever taken your photo-shoot on location somewhere and needed to set up your flashes in a public setting, where random people easily have access to touching your gear, like sporting events, concerts, weddings, etc.?   Nothing can be more unnerving than constantly having to glance over at your flashes and having to remind others please “Don’t Touch” my equipment…   The solution Flash Band by Lens Band.

Flash Band is a simple and practical solution to give onlookers clear instructions to stay away from your gear. In addition, Flash Bands have a dedicated space for you to write your Name  for easy identification or simply to make notes about the specific flash being used.  Flash Bands can also be used for holding in place; lighting gel filters and even light modifiers, such as snoot’s, gobo’s and anything else you can conjure up.

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LensBand-MiniWe now offer 2 sizes of Lens Bands which fit all standard DSLR and 4/3 zoom lenses.  Please select your model lens from the dropdown list and pick the color you like.  Visit our Lens Band Online Store or purchase them from our retailers.








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